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If you are needing a webmaster or hosting, we also have recommendations for that. "Our guy" Ed is capable of projects large and small at a reasonable price. He can be found here:

Cloud Nine Web


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Good domain names have value that increases along with your business. You can argue that the domain is the business.

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We have worked with clients in this way before. They were thrilled to take control of their domain prior to purchase.

Offers Welcome can put you in control of a valuable domain name.  Make an offer and let's come to a fair agreement for your domain!

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The perfect domain for your brand is for sale and available for you to purchase.  Get the perfect domain for you!

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Leasing a domain name is an option that allows usage of the domain prior to purchase. All monies paid during the leasing duration can be applied to the final purchase price. Once the accumulated payments equal the purchase price - the domain ownership is transferred to you.

There are restrictions on content due to the fact that until the final payment is made, the domain is still owned by us. Content such as gambling, politics, hate groups, adult-themed, etc is not allowed. Once you own the domain, feel free to do as you wish.

Once the terms of final sale amount and length of the lease are determined, the control of the domain will be turned over to you. You will retain control as long as timely payments are made.

Let's talk about how to get you your perfect domain name.

  • You agree that you will not use the leased domain for gambling, politics, hate groups, adult-themed, and other illegal or discriminative activity. You understand that a domain can be repossessed by iGroup at any time if we feel that it violates these terms.
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